Hello, I'm Oakley Pike.
I'm a full-stack web developer.

Who am I?

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Oakley Pike. I'm a full-stack web developer and I've had a passion for end-to-end function and user experience since 2001.

From 2003 to 2009, I took responsibility for the presence of a 2d visual chat application called Phalanx by introducing a Visual Basic image editor and other various VB interfaces. Client side reporting provided up-to-date user and server statistics to PhalanxChat and BHLabs.

From 2011 to 2016, I owned and developed an online social network called Socialbeat. Users could create profiles, upload pictures, create statuses and chat with others. Phase two incorporated music, search engine optimization, a light colored theme and put user experience first.

Other projects include an inventory application for Wendy's, logistic tools for Cherry Capital Cab and logistic tools for Mercury Service.

I believe well designed technology is key to successful companies around the world and my ambition for this along with my history of being a Boy Scout provides me the drive necessary to succeed.

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Phalanx is a 2d visual chat community that
I had the luxury of being a lead developer for

My work has been featured on Phalanx, BHLabs,
DCPalace, Phalanxes and PhalanxChat


Dispatching taxicabs and limos afforded me the
opportunity to introducing a driver fairness tool for
TC Cab Co, and a web based dispatch tool and
consumer website for Cherry Capital Cab


Socialbeat was an online network that allowed
friends to keep in touch with each other

The website was fully customized and
allowed users to create profiles, upload images,
create statuses and engage in live chat